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Out Of the Box: With or Without Them

Hello Friends,

Welcome back on another journey towards a Steady Mind.

I've learned something a while back, but it took me years to finally agree with it. Most people want to be different as long their "difference" is accepted by others. Yeah, that one hit me like a truck, too. We live in a society where individuals bear the desire to stand out but simultaneously hold on to the desire to fit in.

I get it, it’s easy to get on the emotional and motivational rollercoaster when talking about stepping "Out Of the Box," but we must realize that:

  1. We are making a decision to do and be different than what we’ve seen and currently see.

  2. We are consciously accepting everything that comes with that.

Everyone and everything you are associated with won't be interested in leaving the "box" that you are stepping out of.

As freeing as is it to be different, go further or think beyond, many times we are bound by the fear of leaving the shores of safety and those we love behind. Right now, many of us feel plagued by the question: Do I leave what I'm used to? Or do I continue to make headway into the unknown?

I wish people would understand that the exit of a season doesn't always equate to the burning of a bridge. But, life wouldn't have it that way. Change comes with friction, and many will equate you leaving your "box" to you leaving them.

Sometimes, the task of achieving goals calls for leaving others behind for a season so that we can focus. Coming back for them when they're able to better understand your journey might be the only thing that can save the relationship during this point of your life. If you allow them, people will unintentionally lead you in cycles and distract you from your goals.

Most times it's harmless and done in love, people just automatically want those they care for to be safe and secure; even if that means them never taking risks to achieve their dreams. But nevertheless, a distraction can only be seen as just that.

Let's go deeper...

Opened Mouths and Closed Minds

I truly believe that we must learn to protect our dreams and visions at all costs. With that, it is imperative that we be careful of who we share them with. In most instances, when people do not understand your desires, they'll immediately express things to try and limit you to their reality. Whether intentional or not, with love or malice, we must protect whatever vision we believe that God has given us.

This is not a green light to ignore wise counsel. What I am trying to express is that words have great effects on everyone. If we allow people who are intentional about misunderstanding us to speak into our lives and minds, we open ourselves up for misguidance and wasted time.

I know you've heard the term "empty barrels make the most noise." I mean this with no disrespect, but people who are usually unwilling to understand what you are doing have the most to say concerning it.

Be careful of the "closed mind and the opened mouth". These are people that you don’t need walking with you on your journey “Out Of the Box.” Look for those who seek to understand even when they don’t agree.

No Point to Prove

I’ve realized that we spend most of our time trying to sell our dreams and visions to others that we rarely spend time preparing for it. Trying to prove to people that you are not distracted is a distraction within itself.

You have no point to prove to anyone. As you are taking the risk to step Out Of the Box, your goal is to remain focused on whatever target you are seeking to achieve and through grace, God will put the right people in your circle to take that journey with you.

If you entertain the negative you will become bitter. Your journey will go from stepping Out Of the Box to change your life, to stepping Out Of the Box to prove a point. Our goal was never to prove a point, our goal is always to make a difference.

Train for Pain

If you are going to take up the mandate to make a difference you must be prepared for the possibility of losing people. I am not saying to live life guarded and fenced in. What I am saying is that this comes with the territory. Not everyone is called to where you are going, and sometimes its the ones we love the most.

But through that, we must learn to keep going. Will you need a moment to process? Absolutely. However, this is not a sign that you should give up. This is simply a reminded that although life can be challenging, God has given us the strength to keep going.

I believe this is what Paul meant when he talked about our present sufferings not being worthy to be compared to what will be revealed in us. The enemy will never like you working to achieve a goal that will change your future and the future of generations to come.

Please remember:

Today's pain is never more impactful that tomorrow's purpose.

No Love Lost

You cannot chastise people for not understanding who you are called to be or what you are called to do. But you must understand that you can achieve what God has called you to with or without them. To the misunderstood, ignored, victimized, and/or burdened:

You have to the potential to step out of the "box" whether you do it with or without support. But you will never be able to do it being tied to the weight of unforgiveness, bitterness, pride, and pain. The strength you use to hold others in and carry burdens can be used to bring out and develop the greatness that God has placed in you.

Those that misunderstood, those that intentionally hurt you, those that dropped you, are not worth you letting go of all God has instore for you. So, let go, move forward, and move in love. What's to come is much greater than what has been. We've got work to do.

"...No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. "

1 Corinthians 2:9, NLT

Here's to another journey towards a Steady Mind!

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