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Dream Chasers: Learning to Calculate Wins

Hello Friends,

Welcome back on another journey toward a Steady Mind.

Have you ever been in a space where constant losses have caused you to forget what winning feels like? Yea, me too. When losses become so evident and constant in our lives we often don't remember how to find wins. Consider this, if a diamond miner becomes so focused on the worthless rocks around him, he'll lose sight of the great treasure he has the potential to find.

Losses will always seem major if we allow them to take up our entire mental, emotional, and spiritual space.

If we make a habit of focusing most of our time on our losses, we will definitely struggle with finding our wins. Let's dive in:

Wins: What Are They?

The feeling of "winning" in life is necessary for the progression of every human. But conceptualizing what a "win" is helps you to understand what you are looking for. The diamond miner will never find value in mining if he doesn't know the worth, whereabouts, description, and demand of a diamond. So, what is a win? In my opinion,

A "win" is overcoming any obstacle, defeating any opposition, and progressing in purpose.

Our vision is always clearer when we know what we're looking for. This principle teaches you how to find a win in every aspect of your life - even in your losses.

Wins: Why Do We "Calculate" Them?

When we use the term "calculate," we mean to evaluate and assess. Wins should be calculated for both motivation and measurement of progress.

Whether daily or sporadic, wins motivate us to keep pushing beyond our own conceptualized limits. They show us what we're truly capable of; and every now and then, we all need to be reminded of who we are and what we possess within.

Reminders of our current level of greatness give us the passion to become even greater.

Our measurement of progress helps us to understand how far we've come and how much we've achieved. Life will always seem like a losing battle if you don't take a moment to assess the distance between where you were and where you are today.

Through this, we are able to assess the changes that need to be implemented, concepts that need to be reconstructed and other ways of improvement for a better quality of life.

Wins: How to Calculate Them?

The formula is simple now. You calculate wins by assessing/evaluating the:

Obstacles You've Overcome

Whether it's as simple as making up your bed or complex as fighting an addiction, any struggle overcame is a win to be celebrated.

Opposition You've Defeated

Sometimes the greatest opposition is ourselves. However, the defeat or overpowering of anyone or anything is a win to be celebrated.

Progression in purpose

Though you might not have already achieved, you are in the process of doing so. Your progress is a win to be celebrated.


If you sit and think about the obstacles you've overcome, the opposition you've defeated and your progression in purpose, you'll realize whether major or minor, you've been winning all along.

If that diamond miner only focuses on the amount of diamonds he did not find, he'll lose sight of the valuable jewels he's already collected. Don't allow yourself to become so consumed by your losses and short comings that you don't celebrate your wins and strategize how to use them effectively.

As you go through life, may you win big, may you win strongly, may you overcome every obstacle, defeat every opposition and progress in purpose.

Here's to a Steady Mind.

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