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Dream Chasers: 5 Ways to Remain Consistent

Hello Friends,

Welcome back on another journey toward a Steady Mind.

If you've ever struggled with the skill of consistency you know that starting is never the hardest part; but, lasting throughout the seasons. While taking a leap of faith (when motivation is electric and emotions are high) can be amazing, what speaks greater volumes is the ability to endure during the lowest of lows and toughest of toughs.

My question today is simple; what would your life look like with one year of consistency?

"I accumulated small and consistent habits that ultimately led to results that were unimaginable when I started."

James Clear

When we think of the greats of the world, we often believe that their achievements come from either sheer luck or who they're associated with. Oftentimes, it is the ability to be both persistent and consistent.

Consistency bares results; it's what takes you from lifting five-pound dumbbells to fifty; from saving $1,000 to $100,000.

The main ingredient to achieving goals; chasing your dreams; bettering relationships, emotions and finances, is in fact, consistency.

Here are five (5) practical ways that I believe we can remain consistent:

Show Up

I've got a great friend that always says, "Showing up is half the battle." You'd be surprised to know how many things you have the strength to achieve if you'd actually try. Often times you aren't going to have any desire or motivation to "climb that mountain," but when you show up you might realize that you are stronger than you believed.

So, show up to the gym, show up at that meeting, show up in that relationship, show up for yourself, and eventually you'd realize that if you found the strength to make it to this half of the "battle," you'd muster up the strength to make it through the other.

Set Realistic Goals

Rome wasn't built in a day, so why do you feel the need to? You'll always be disappointed if you set big goals with small timeframes. We absolutely believe that God works miracles. But, we shouldn't exhaust ourselves trying to produce a major result in a minor time period because of unnecessary pressure.

When we set unrealistic goals and don't see the results we want; we become unmotivated and inconsistent. Stop trying to eat the "whole elephant" and take one bite at a time.

If you focus so much on the "bigger picture" you'll always see what you don't possess or have access to. Try focusing on the smaller pieces of the puzzle that you do have and use those as stepping stones to create the picture you desire.

Don't Fear Failure

The facade of social media and the "hyper-sales" community today has made us believe that failure isn't an option. It is okay to fail, but what's not okay is allowing the fear of failure to stop you from trying or trying again. Ziglar tells us that, "(a moment of) failure is an event, not a person."

You are not defined by what you've failed at, you are defined by the amount of strength and bravery you have to get up and try again. So, show up, embrace the moment, learn from it, and move on.

I always find it best to fail at something knowing that I tried then go through life wondering what could've been. Failure isn't a reason to quit - it's a reason to try again. The best lessons in life are sometimes learned when you fail at something. Learn from your missteps and do it differently. Your desire to succeed must be greater than your fear of failing.

Don't Depend on Emotions

Emotions can be misleading. If you do anything based on how you feel, your life will always be in limbo. Learn how to dictate to your emotions as opposed to letting them dictate to you.

We must find the willpower to "do "and "be" even when we don't feel like "doing," "being," or "becoming". In its simplest form, laziness is complacency in where you are. No desire to accomplish or become more because of the work attached to doing it; work that we never "feel" like doing.

Feelings lie - and they will drive you to destinations you never intended to go. Your emotions are a part of you but, they don't have to control who you are or who you're becoming. David understood this when he told us to command our souls (Psalm 103). Your consistency depends on your ability to operate outside of your emotions.

Remember Your Why

When you get wary in the middle, or feel tired near the end, remembering why you started gives you the strength to make it through. Consistency is not just needed to achieve a goal, but to aid in continuous growth. If you always remember the why you'll find strength to do the what.

With that being said, may your lifestyle be one filled with consistency. May your bad days be filled with unexpected strength and ability to be consistent. May consistency become a core value and a common practice.

May you be given ways and outlets to practice your skill of consistency. May winning, achieving, and embarking be rooted in your life through your ability to be consistent.

Here's to a Steady Mind.

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KShkeila Munn
KShkeila Munn

Consistency! I love the 5 types. Will utilize them.


Tabitha Joffre
Tabitha Joffre

Great read. Enjoyed from start to finish


Alesha Rolle
Alesha Rolle

I love this thank you 🙏🏾 these words encourages me even more to push and to never give up.

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