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5 Things to Remember in the Process of Achievement

When we look around at people who have achieved much success, it is easy to become discouraged by comparing ourselves to them. Hearing their stories can sometimes make you feel like success is impossible. For those that are honest, it can be tiresome watching people on the mountain when you are in the valley.

As you are in the process of achieving what God has placed you on this earth to do, I’ve got a few things for you to remember. So let’s get into it.

1. Protect Your Vision and Mental Space

When you are in the process of achieving a goal, you must be mindful of who is in your ear. Some people will not understand what God has called you to accomplish. Listening to the opinions of the likes of these can lead you astray from what you are called to possess.

We must learn to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals. If we cannot find them during a certain season in our lives, our only hope is to cling to God and continue the journey with Him. Spending a season alone and focused is better than wasting a season in a distracted community. Protect your environment and protect your time.

2. Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Always remember that there is great value in things that take time to produce. Things that you possess easily are usually lost easier. On the other hand, things that need time to grow and evolve are usually long-lasting. When you finally come to the moment of achievement, you will realize that it was worth the wait, the trials, and the tribulations.

Stand in your God-given strength and keep fighting! Keep building. Keep waking up every day with that goal in mind. Success has a price: blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice. As gruesome as it may sound, when you climb that later to success, it will be worth it all.

3. Pace Yourself

Read this carefully: YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER TODAY. Comparison is the number one killer of our dreams and the number two killer of our souls. Stop feeling like you should be further than you are. Everyone’s process is different. No journey is identical.

Whether mentally, spiritually, financially, academically, relationally, or entrepreneurially, you will get where you need to be in God’s timing. Stay focus on what God is doing in and through you, then keep on the journey.

4. Nothing is Wrong with Dreaming - Don’t Lose Faith

Don’t ever allow anyone to stop you from dreaming. Dreaming gives us Faith. It helps us to remember the endless possibilities of things we can achieve. Dreaming is okay. However, we must find strategies to brings those dreams to reality.

A dream without a plan will always be just that; a dream. But, a dream with a plan to get there is an achievable goal. Besides, what many see as a dream, we know to be a God-given vision. We have to remain faithful that He will provide the resources to allow His vision for us to flourish. Trust God, and let Him guide you.

5. Stay Hungry

Ambition is Key. As frustrating as it may be, as much as you want to give up sometimes, YOU CANNOT GIVE UP NOW! It is a dangerous thing to lose Faith in achieving what God has called you to achieve. Yes, there will come a time where you have “tantrum moments.” You know those moments where you get so frustrated that you want nothing to do with the process, the vision, the achievement, and sometimes even God. We’ve all been there. The beauty in that is God is strong enough to handle us, even our raw moments.

Throw your tantrum. Be honest with God and where you’re at. But, don’t stay there! Instead, allow yourself to have that real and raw moment with Him, rest, pray for strength and grace, then get back up and continue building.

Please Remember...

My friend, you are not alone in this process. Fortunately, you didn’t give yourself the vision or the goal (we aren’t smart or strong enough to do so). But the One who did is right there helping you and giving you the daily push you need.

As you are in this process of achieving success remember: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9).”

Enjoy the journey!

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