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Progress Over Perfection: The Harsh Reality

Hello Friends,

Welcome back on another journey to a Steady Mind.

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like everything in your life is at its absolute worst? Where no matter how hard you try, it seems that you can’t get out of where you’re at? Me too.

One of the greatest hindrances to progress is the fallacy of perfection. We all have a desire to be successful, which is absolutely incredible. But what if “success” doesn’t look like what we imagined?

Most times, God gives us what we want, but rarely does it come the way we imagined. Every time I thought that I was forsaken or had missed my “moment,” I realized that God was protecting me.

On this journey to a Steady Mind, I’ve learned that His strategies are perfect whether we understand them or not. The key is that we must learn to trust without limits. We must learn to trust God’s sense of progress over our idea of perfection.

As you grow into a Steady Mind, please understand this:

Setbacks can be Protection

While we may see small pieces of the puzzle, God sees the bigger picture. What we think are setbacks, blocks, and losses, are most times God protecting us from the unknown.

That’s what we call Grace and Mercy. God makes sure we never lose – point-blank. If you lost it, you didn’t need it. What you thought was your set back might’ve just been your covering.

Remember the Goal

Sometimes when we look at the lives of others and how they seem to have everything running smoothly, it is easy to get frustrated and desire to give up. The key here is to remember the goal.

Remember how much you desired it and how far you are from where you started. Don’t become so discouraged because you’re not where you want to be that you forget to celebrate that you’re no longer where you used to be.

Goals are achieved one step at a time. It’s okay to get tired. It’s okay to have moments of frustration. But it’s not okay to give up on your dreams and goals.

You Can Do It Again

With all of this, we still must remember that life happens. Sometimes we can have moments where we lose focus and momentum. But, as I often tell myself, if you did it once, you can it again.

Many times, we lose courage at the thought of having to start over. It can seem worthless after neglecting the progress we had six months ago or even longer, but every journey begins with one step.

With God as the head, the right community, intense focus, and strong discipline, anything is possible.

Be Quiet

Every move doesn’t need to be announced. Every achievement doesn’t need to be celebrated publicly. If you genuinely want to see progress, you must learn how to set and achieve some goals in private.

Premature announcements can lead to distractions, hindrances, and unnecessary discouragements. Keep your progress within your close circle and allow yourself to grow with your goal.

Everyone won’t understand what you’re trying to achieve, and few will believe you can achieve it – stay focused. Today they’ll ask, “why are you doing it?” but when you become successful, they’ll be asking, “how did you do it?”

It Can Happen at Any Moment

Everyone has a moment in time when preparation meets opportunity. A moment where you walk into the season of your life where everything you've been desiring is finally coming to flourishing.

I’ve seen it happen for some at 16, and I’ve seen it happen for some at 60. Regardless of the age, God, in His perfection, has a perfect time where everything that you are preparing for aligns with the right opportunity that changes your life forever.

The objective is, you must stay ready. Focus has to be the number one priority. With the ability to focus comes the grace to achieve. Are you ready for what you've been asking for?

The Reality

Every Goal that God has called you to achieve is different. Some goals take years to accomplish. Greatness takes time. When you achieve that goal, you won't sit back and complain because it took so long.

The only thing that you will say is, “This, Is Better Than Perfection.” Achieving anything is never easy, and the “perfection” you see in anything is always a false reality.

When we strive for perfection, we find ourselves running in circles chasing a false reality. Today, let’s choose progress over perfection.

Here’s to a Steady Mind!

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Ketorah Farquharson
Ketorah Farquharson
02 de out. de 2021

Love it!!!!!!!!

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